Telehealth is just a fancy name for a video conference appointment with your chosen health professional.

Research has shown for some time that the most important components of physiotherapy are the exercise program, education and advice that we are skilled at providing. This makes a video consultation an ideal option to continue your physiotherapy treatment without worrying about infection control and social distancing.

Here is a short video created by the Australian Physiotherapy Association simply explaining Telehealth.

Ideally, you will need;

  1. A device with a camera and microphone – all laptops, tablets and mobile phones these days have these functions built in.
  2. A good internet connection.

If you’re not able to set this up, depending on your situation, we may be able to provide a lot of assistance via phone (and potentially email).

We are using a simple, purpose-built platform called COVIU (“co-view”).

It’s designed for medical consults, is secure and encrypted end-to-end so you don’t have to worry about your privacy. Your appointment will not be recorded unless you give permission.

COVIU provides a handy information page for patients.

Bookings can be made via phone (08) 6102 6652 or online via our website “book now” link by selecting the telehealth option. Prior to your consult:
  1. You will receive a series of questions via email which we would appreciate you completing and returning as soon as possible. This will allow the physio to ensure you’re suitable for a Telehealth consult and to prepare any props/pictures/videos which may be useful tools during your appointment.
  2. You will receive an email invitation with a link to click which will connect you with your physio.
  3. You will receive a SMS reminder one day prior to your appointment.
On the day of your consult:
  1. Choose a quiet, uncluttered space where there is room to move around if needed.
  2. Set up your device so that you don’t have to hold it, but can easily pick it up if needed to show the physio something close-up.
  3. We recommend clicking the link and trying to log in 5-minutes before your appointment and if there appear to be any problems please call the practice on 6102 6652.
  4. You can have a support person join you during the consultation (don’t forget to introduce them at the start).

For an initial consultation, allow 1 hour.

For a subsequent consultation, allow 30-45 minutes

Please consider the clothing you wear for your telehealth consultation. You should be able to move easily and it is very helpful if your physiotherapist can easily view the area that is painful.

For example:

  • If you’re experiencing knee pain, please wear shorts
  • If it’s your shoulder or upper back, please wear a singlet top or be prepared to take off your shirt
  • Your initial consult will start with a thorough discussion of your problem and history to date. Be prepared to give as much information about what, where, and when, as we gain a lot of information to form our diagnosis based on your answers to our questions.
  • If we believe you are not a good candidate for a Telehealth appointment or for physiotherapy in general, we will let you know as soon as this becomes apparent and we’ll recommend an alternative option. There will be no charge in this instance.
  • In order to confirm our hypothesis, we will then ask you to perform some movements or activities and we’ll be asking for your feedback regarding your symptoms.
  • We will then discuss your diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.
  • Following your appointment, you will receive an email with instructions for you home management/exercise program (please check your junk mail if you don’t receive anything by the end of the business day).
  • If you have any queries please reply to the email or call the practice.
  • Your physiotherapist will follow up on your progress at the agreed upon time (via phone, video, email or text message depending on what was organised)
  • For an initial consultation, allow 1 hour.
  • Your consultation will start with a chat about your condition, progress so far and how your exercise program has been going (as we would do with any other appointment).
  • We will then ask you to perform some movements so we can further assess your progress.
  • The physio will then discuss progressions to your program and either ask your to try new exercises during the consult or after the appointment and provide your physio with feedback via an email or phone call.
  • Adjustments to your program will be sent via email. Should you have any queries or difficulties with your program please either reply to the email or call us on 6102 6652.
  • For a subsequent consultation, allow 30-45 minutes.

After your appointment you will be sent an invoice via email, we would appreciate it if you could pay via electronic funds transfer into our bank account.

Once the payment is received, we will issue you with a receipt which you can use to get a refund from your private health insurer (subject to your policy including cover for Telehealth consultations – see below).

Chronic disease management (Medicare) plans will continue to be bulk-billed electronically.

Yes. Most private health insurers are now providing rebates for telehealth treatment by your physio.

Funds currently participating are listed below, but more are coming on board daily, so please contact your insurer and ask them for clarification if not listed below.

Currently providing rebates:

  • AHM
  • Australian Unity
  • Bupa
  • CBHS
  • Defence Health
  • HBF
  • Medibank Private
  • NIB
  • Police Health
  • Teachers Health

The more enquiries and requests they receive, the more likely we are to see them come on board and provide rebates.

The government has confirmed that Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans issued by your GP will be valid for Telehealth appointments.

We will continue to bulk-bill these electronically for you.

DVA has approved the use of Telehealth consultations.

Workcover WA has approved the use of Telehealth consultations.